Thanks for reserving our vacation rental for your upcoming getaway! We are extremely excited to host you and want you to have an amazing time. During your visit we only ask that you take care of the place as if it was your own. Please be respectful of the neighbors and have a great time! This agreement constitutes a contract between the guest(s) and All IN Entertainment Inc.


We are glad you have reserved our vacation property to create your vacation memories. We have taken pride in preparing our vacation home to give you a pleasant and relaxing visit. Since you will be in our home, we ask you treat it as your own.

CONTRACT INSTRUCTIONS Please read and review the rental agreement terms and conditions.


The Owner(s) and/or Manager(s), and Tenant agree as follows: Tenant is an adult over the age of 21 and will be an occupant of the unit during the entire reserved period. This rental agreement is unique to the registered guest and may not be sublet or otherwise assigned to any other persons in whole or in part. Any overnight guests in addition to those registered and in excess of the Home’s capacity may result in eviction without refund. Other occupants will be family members, friends or responsible children. Use of the premises will be denied to persons not falling within the foregoing categories, and as a result they would have to vacate the property immediately without any refund. No keys will be issued to anyone who is not an adult. GUESTS MUST BE 21 years or older with photo identification to reserve and register into a property.

ASSIGNMENT – You may not assign, convey, subcontract or delegate your rights, duties or obligations hereunder.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT AND INCIDENTALS POLICY ALL IN Properties requires no less than three (3) days prior to arrival a Pre-Auth Security/Damage Deposit of $500 USD. It is not a charge. The credit card used for the Pre Auth Security/Damage Deposit will be charged for any excess cleaning, damages to the Property or its contents, violations of this Agreement, minibar purchases or other Guest expenses incurred during the stay. Check-in will not be permitted if the Security/Damage deposit is not received in advance. Guest will receive an email from requiring this prior to arrival. Upon check-in, a valid Government-issued Photo ID or Passport is required for Check-in process as well as the major credit card matching Guest’s ID name that was used to obtain a Pre-Authorization to cover incidentals and/or damages. The Pre-Auth is not a charge. Any manual/offline security deposits must be received and cleared by the due date. The pre-authorization charge of $500 ensures that the card is valid and will be released 7 days after check-out (dependent upon Guest’s credit card company), provided there is no damage, missing inventory, mini bar purchases or excessive cleaning required. Should theft or damage come to light after Guest’s departure, Sleep With Us Properties reserves the right to make a charge to Guest’s credit card for the cost of theft and/or damage and excessive cleaning to the property. The security deposit holds will say PENDING on Guest’s credit card or bank account. i) Please Note: The Primary Guest who booked and paid for the reservation must be the first person to check into the Property. Any other Guest checking in first to the Property will need to provide their own credit card in order to check-in to the property. The Primary Guest that booked the reservation must be present during the reservation per terms of this contract. The Pre-Authorization is to cover: Also as a damage deposit for the Property in case of damages. Tenant is liable for all replacements and repairs that are outside what is considered normal wear and tear. If something after the rental is deemed not in good order, a charge will be made against this security deposit authorization. No damage charges to your credit card will be incurred should the following criteria be met: provided that real and personal property are in the same condition as when occupancy commenced and all terms of this agreement are met.

1) Number of occupants does not exceed the rental contract.

2) Check out according to times arranged.

3) Replace any furniture that have been moved.

4) Leave used towels and sheets in the bathtub (or other preferred location).

5) Remove trash from any garbage cans and place in trash bins located outside of lofts in Printers Alley.

6) Leave the kitchen clean: Wipe countertops, dispose of any perishables (any opened food) in kitchen or fridge, and wash any dirty dishes.

7) No damage to building, furniture, or appliances.

8) Turn any lights and appliances off.

9) Ensure any exterior windows and doors are closed and locked.

10) Reset the thermostat (75 F or higher during the summer, or as low as 69F in winter

11) Double-check all drawers and closets for personal items.

12) Trash has been disposed of in designated bins located outside of the property

13) The departure checklist is completed satisfactorily.

14) Responsible adult over age of 25 years renting property is present during entire visit.

15) Wash Cloths and/or towels or other linens have not been used to remove MAKE-UP and SELF TANNERS. If Guest misuses or abuses linens or bedding, resulting stained, ripped, torn, or otherwise making linens unusable, Guest will be charged for replacement of such linens. Linens including bedspreads, comforters, blankets, sheets, towels, hand towels, wash cloths, pillow cases and kitchen towels have not been used for cleaning golf clubs, shoes, dogs feet or anything or other than personal use in the bathroom or bedroom. Please DO NOT USE WASH CLOTHES OR TOWELS TO REMOVE MAKE- UP, IT WILL STAIN THEM.

Tenant hereby authorizes ALL IN Entertainment representatives to make any additional charges to the credit card provided at checkin in any of the following cases:

1. Whenever there is a balance due at the time of checkout should add-ons occur during tenant reservation.

2. Whenever Tenant causes damages to the property and/or its contents.

3. Whenever due to willful misconduct, fault, or gross negligence Tenant breaches the terms of this rental agreement in cases such as but not limited to : smoking inside of the unit, bringing non- authorized pets to the unit, having more persons in the unit than originally authorized, or having a party inside of the unit.

4. Any minibar purchases made from the minibar. Tenant is liable for all replacements and repairs that are outside what is considered normal wear and tear. If something after the rental is deemed not in good order, a charge will be made against the credit card authorization. Can I check in early? Can I check out late? Check in is at 4 pm CST and Check out is at 11 am CST. We cannot guarantee either in advance. We will not know if the vacation rental you have reserved will be available early until mid-morning of your arrival day. Or for a late check-out until the morning of your departure. If your flight arrives early we can store your bags until the loft is ready for the 4 pm checkin. Early check-in’s or late check-outs if available may be subject to an additional fee. Why do we not know if our guests can arrive early or checkout late? We do a lot of last minute reservations. We need do assure that housekeeping have had time to clean the loft for your arrival. You will receive detailed arrival info with our Property Manager’s contact via email 5 days and 1 day before your arrival date.

RENTAL RULES: A. PARTIES AND NOISE: Of any form (Bachelor, Bachelorette, Graduation, Sorority, Frat, dinner party, event etc.) are not permitted on the property unless consent has been written by the owner. We do welcome groups gathering for Bachelor/Bachelorette trips but, we do not allow the activities that go along with these gatherings within our property without prior consent from ALL IN Entertainment Inc. We are pretty open to having an extraordinary time, but we don’t want things getting out of control! We ask that you respect our property as you would your own home. There are surrounding guests and neighbors so please be respectful of their privacy and vacation enjoyment. Amplified music is not allowed outside the unit. Tenant agrees not to bring speakers outside and to not crank up the music playing inside so it can be also heard outside. Parties and/or events of any kind are strictly prohibited at the unit. No party or event may take place without prior written permission. For the purposes of this rental agreement, all parts will consider that there is a party inside the unit whenever the number of daytime occupants in the unit exceeds the maximum number of daytime occupants for this unit as specified below in section D. Notwithstanding the former prevision, even if the maximum number of daytime occupants is not exceeded, all other common definitions of a party will be accepted, whenever the noise level inside the unit is beyond what is reasonable accepted as normal. In the event that a non-authorized party or event takes place at the unit, Tenant risks forfeiting the entire security deposit in addition to any costs associated with legal remedies that may be necessary. Tenant agrees to keep the noise level inside the unit under respectable levels, so as to not interfere with the peace and quiet of any person outside the boundaries of the unit. Failure of Tenant to adhere to this clause will be considered a breach of this rental agreement. Tenant hereby authorizes the Manager to make charges to the Tenant’s credit card in file for up to $500 per incident, should any complaint about the noise level inside the unit arise with the local police or the local city authorities. Furthermore, Tenant recognizes the right of the manager to ask Tenant and Tenant’s guests to vacate the unit immediately if it becomes necessary without a refund of the rental amount. B. OCCUPANCY POLICY: All rates are based on double occupancy per bedroom per property( 8 People included in the Law Suites Properties). There will be an extra charge of $35 per person per night for extra people (up to 12 people max. permitted for the Law Suites properties).The max. number of guests per property must not exceed the posted capacity on ALL IN PROPERTIES rental agreement. If a loft is found to be over occupancy we reserve the right to charge $100 per person over occupancy, per day if guests do not disclose the extra people and are not evicted for violating the policy.Tenant risks forfeiting part or all of the security/damage deposit and is subject to immediate cancellation.

AIR MATTRESS: Use of an air mattress is not included with loft rental based on double occupancy per bedroom. Use of one air mattress per loft with linens is included per one of the following:

a) additional guest fee is paid with reservation

b) If requested and paid for in advance one air mattress per loft with all linens can be provided if you do not have more than double occupancy per bedroom per loft. If you have paid and reserved an air mattress or extra person fee: Please request the air mattress ONE DAY prior to your arrival date with our Property Manager. Guests are responsible to inflate the air mattress.

Children: While children are very welcome, it is your responsibility to ensure that the loft, lobby area, and garage are safe for your children. The loft/building have not have been made “child-safe,” as various cleaning agents, knives, and other normal household items may be within the reach of small children. Also, while the loft and building are secure, we encourage you to check that the doors/windows are firmly closed and that small children cannot open them. For the safety and security of all hotel guests, access to guest floors during special events is limited to registered guests. AGE REQUIREMENT POLICY- Guests must be 21 years or older with a valid, government issued photo ID to reserve

C. SMOKING: INSIDE THE UNIT OR WITHIN 25-FEET OF THE UNIT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED: All Lofts/public spaces within the building are 100% non-smoking. A min. $250 cleaning fee will be charged to credit card provided at check-in for any guest who violates smoking policy. No candles allowed.

D. FILMING: The filming of any still or motion pictures in any format that requires more than 2 persons and/or any specialized gear, apparatus or crew is strictly prohibited unless prior written authorization is obtained. Failure to obtain written authorization may result in full deposit forfeiture. Castings, interviews or photo shoots are not allowed in the building nor the lofts without previous authorization from the Owner/Property Manager, unauthorized events are subject to penalty fees. E. FURNISHINGS: are subject to change without notice. ALL IN Entertainment properties are privately owned and their furnishings vary depending upon the owners’ taste. ALL IN Entertainment cannot guarantee the presence of particular listed furnishings because they may change from time to time depending on the owner’s taste. Furniture, bedding, mattress pads, utensils or any other property supplied with the rental property must not be taken out or transferred from one property to another. Loss of these items, as well as damage to the property or furnishings in excess of normal wear will be charged to the guest(s). Due to potential damage to property, items including, but not limited to: silly string, functioning projectile weapons, nerf guns, dart guns, functioning toy weapons, ping pong pistols, paintball guns, water guns or any similar devices are not allowed within the property at any time.

F. ERRORS & OMISSIONS: ALL IN Entertainment have taken great effort to ensure the information in our brochure, website, online advertising and all of our printed material are accurate. We cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions, or change in prices.

G. PETS: We are dog friendly, your dog must be vaccinated and must be Flea/Tick free. Pets should be leashed or restrained at all times in public spaces in the building or on the property. Dogs are allowed with prior consent and written approval by Owner(s). No other pets are permitted. A total of 2 dogs per room up to 80 pounds of total combined weight are welcome. Guests will complete a waiver upon check-in and a non-refundable pet deposit of $75.00-$150.00 (based on size and weight) per dog will be collected upon booking. Dogs must be on a leash in public areas. The Dog Owner is responsible for the actions of his/her dog. Our pet policy is exclusive to dogs. ALL IN Entertainment reserves the right to charge for additional cleaning or damage caused by the pet. If damage is found after checkout, credit card on record will be charged. Written consent from The ALL IN Entertainment is required at time of booking. Pets are to be supervised at all times. Dog exercise areas are designated outside the building. Please contact The Printers Alley Lofts for further information.

H. HURRICANE/STORM POLICY: We do not offer any refunds for Hurricanes or Storms. We highly recommend getting TRAVEL Insurance for your trip. It is up to the Guest to purchase this coverage for their trip. Here are two known travel insurance companies-CSA Travel Protection: (866) 999-4018 or Travel Guard: (800) 826-4919.

I. MAINTENANCE: Every effort is made by the Owners to carefully maintain each loft and the equipment therein. Just like in your own home, however, unexpected and/or untimely failures of equipment and appliances may occur. If something is not working properly, please notify the property manager within 24 hours of any maintenance items that arise during your stay. This will allow us to respond to the problem as quickly as possible and will also ensure that you or your family is not held responsible. If you wait more than 24 hours to inform us of a problem, we will assume that the problem or damaged item was a result of your stay. REMEMBER TO CALL right away so you won’t have to pay. We will attempt to correct the failure as quickly as is reasonably possible, and we ask for your patience and understanding in the interim. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for unforeseen failures such as the supply of electricity, water, pool filtration systems, air conditioning, telephone, television or cable service, appliances, etc. Property Manager contact provided on arrival and checkin info. You will receive the Arrival and Check-in Info 5 days before your arrival date.

J. INTERNET: All of our properties have high-speed wireless internet access suitable for standard residential use. Our properties have internet access through service providers. We do not, however, guarantee internet connectivity due to service being provided by an outside vendor, restrictions from personal computers, and several other factors that may lead to interruption of internet service. If you decide to access any Internet content during your stay, you do this entirely at your own risk and you are responsible for ensuring that any accessed material does not infringe the laws governing, but not exhaustively covering, copyright, trademarks, pornography, or any other material which is slanderous, defamatory or might cause offense in any other way. In the event the internet service is inoperable, we will do our best to troubleshoot. No refunds will be given due to loss of internet service.

K. WHAT WE SUPPLY: The property is equipped and set up as a fully furnished property that will include bedspreads, linens, blankets, pillows, towels, as well as a fully equipped kitchen THERE WILL BE EXTRA CHARGES TO YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT FOR REPLACING THESE ITEMS IF FOUND TO BE NECESSARY. A START UP SUPPLY: For your convenience, we provide a START-UP amount of supplies to get you started on your first day of vacation, until you have time to go to the market to purchase any additional things you may need or pre- arrange with our Concierge. ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT  provides the START-UP amount of the following: toilet paper, one on holder and one extra under each bathroom sink, 1 roll paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, garbage bags, bath soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. If you run out of something you need more of, there are local stores to purchase what you need.

L. WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: Plan on packing your personal toiletry items. Arrangements can be made Pre-stocking the Refrigerator through our Concierge. These arrangements are to be made at least 72 hours prior to your arrival date in writing with the host.

M. TENANT’S LIABILITY: Tenant agrees to accept liability for any damages caused to the property (other than normal wear and tear) by Tenant or Tenants guests, including, but not limited to, landscaping, misuse of appliances, and/or equipment furnished. If damages are in excess of the security deposit being held, Tenant agrees to reimburse owners for costs incurred to repair/replace damaged items.

N. HOLD HARMLESS: Owner(s) /Manager(s) do not assume any liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or their personal property. Neither do we accept liability for any inconvenience arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in supply of water, gas, phone, internet, cable or satellite TV, or electricity services or plumbing. Nor will Owners accept liability for any loss or damage caused by weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of God, or other reasons beyond its control. The foregoing notwithstanding, Owner(s)/Manager(s) will use good faith efforts to remedy any deficient condition following notice.

O. BALCONIES/PATIOS: The undersigned is fully aware that these can be dangerous, that the balcony can be slippery when wet, and that injury is likely to occur to anyone who is not careful. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned accepts and assumes all risks involved in or related to the use of the balcony.

COURTESY: Profane, obscene, loud or boisterous language, or unseemly behavior and conduct are absolutely prohibited. The tenant agrees to not permit to be done, anything that will annoy, harass, embarrass, or inconvenience any other tenants, neighbors or occupants in adjoining premises. Tenants shall not play or allow to be played, any musical instrument or operate audio-visual equipment in the demised premises, or on the exterior/balcony of said premises, if disturbs or annoys other occupants of the building.


The undersigned, for himself/herself, his/her heirs, assignors, executors, and administrators, fully releases and discharges Owner from any and all claims, demands and causes of action by reason of any injury or whatever nature which has or have occurred, or may occur to the undersigned, or any of his/her guests as a result of, or in connection with the occupancy of the premises and agrees to hold Owner free and harmless of any claim or suit arising there from, provided however, that Owner(s)/Manager(s) shall remain liable for such damages to the extent that such damages are determined to be the direct result of Owner(s)/Manager(s) negligence.

Q. PERSONAL PROPERTY LEFT BEHIND: Any items left behind, if found will be mailed back upon request via USPS. The cost of shipping, shipping container, and any packing materials will be deducted from the security deposit along with a nominal handling fee.

R. PARKING: There are two parking lots on either side of Printers Alley just a seconds walk from the Suites. Parking is not included with rentals. Our property manager will be happy to direct you to where you can rent a spot upon your arrival. We are not affiliated with the parking garages so this is something that we cannot arrange prior to your arrival. Our property manager will be happy to get you to the right place to reserve a parking spot.

S. DISPUTES: It is agreed and understood that any disputes arising out of your rental with ALL IN Entertainment shall be adjudicated in the courts of Davidson County, Tennessee. By contracting with a Tennessee- based company to rent property located in Tennessee, you specifically submit to the personal jurisdiction of these courts and in doing so, you agree that those courts are both a proper and convenient venue for any litigation arising out of the relationship between the parties, your booking of one of our units and your occupancy in one or more of our units. Accordingly, the laws of the State of Tennessee shall apply and govern any disputes arising out of your Rental Agreement Contract with Sleep With Us Properties, and/or your occupancy of one or more of our units. In the event of any such litigation, you agree to reimburse us for all costs associated with such litigation, including court costs and legal fees. Any disputes concerning an amount less than $25,000 shall be adjudicated in the General Sessions Court for Davidson County, Tennessee. For any and all other claims or disputes, the parties agree that they will be adjudicated in the Chancery Court for Davidson County, Tennessee. Owner(s) and/or Manager(s) are neither responsible to inform Tenant of what these laws, ordinances and city regulations are, nor could Owner(s) and/or Manager be held liable should Tenant(s) and/or Tenant’s guests commit a crime, misdemeanor, felony or infraction (including parking infractions). LIABILITY WAIVER, RELEASE OF LIABILITY, INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS Owner shall not be liable and Guest hereby waives all claims against Owner for any damage to any property or any injury to any person in or about the Premises but solely to the extent the damage, injury or loss by any guest or resident is not caused by Owner’s negligence or intentional acts or by any default in or on the property. Guest shall protect, indemnify and hold the Agent, Employees, Officers, Contractors and/or Property Owner harmless from, including those of third parties, and against any and all loss, claims, liability or costs (including court costs and attorney’s fees) incurred by reason of: (a) Any damage to any property or any injury, including death, to any person occurring in, on or about the Premises to the extent that same shall be caused by or arise from any actual or alleged act, neglect, fault, or omission by or of Guest, its agents, servants, employees, invitees, or (b) The conduct or management of anything whatsoever done by the Guest in or about the Premises or from transactions of the Guest concerning the Premises; (c) Guest’s failure to comply with any and all governmental laws, ordinances and regulations or terms of this Agreement applicable to the condition or use of the Premises or its occupancy; or (d) Any breach or default on the part of Guest in the performance of any covenant or agreement on the part of the Guest to be performed pursuant to this Agreement. The provisions of this paragraph shall survive the termination of this Agreement with respect to any claims or liability accruing prior to such termination. Once Tenant has checked into the unit and he/she has been granted access, Tenant accepts the condition, size and configuration of the Unit in as/is where/is condition. Tenant acknowledges that he/she and his/her guests will not be staying at a hotel, but at a private residence with no staff, and that any problem that may arise at the unit that is not reported timely (during regular office hours between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) may not be addressed until the following day, unless it is an emergency. I hereby agree to hold ALL IN Entertainment and the Owners harmless against any and all claims, damages, suits, or causes or action for damages arising from injury to person or property or loss of life sustained in or about the loft and streets in front of or appurtenant thereto by any person or persons whatsoever but solely to the extent the damage, injury or loss by any guest or resident is not caused by ALL IN Entertainment or Owner’s negligence or intentional acts or by any default in or on the property. I further agree that ALL IN Entertainment and Owners shall not be liable for any personal injuries or damage to any goods, wares, or property, regardless of how such injuries or damages may be caused but solely to the extent the damage, injury or loss by any guest or resident is not caused by ALL IN Entertainment or Owner’s negligence or intentional acts or by any default in or on the property. Nor will ALL IN Entertainment and Owners be held liable for any loss or damage caused by weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of God, or other reasons beyond its control. Printers Alley Lofts and the Owners will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items or items left in the house during your stay. ALL IN Entertainment the Owners will not refund any monies for acts of nature, power outages, and electrical breakers tripping appliances or the elevator not working. I understand the loft is not child proof and extreme caution must be used in, about or around the loft and especially in or around the elevator. Guest acknowledges that sometimes properties undergo renovations and construction from time to time. If the property is undergoing renovations while a guest is in resident in the lofts, the guest is not entitled to a refund. Guest understands and agrees that Premises are a privately owned residence. It shall be treated with the utmost respect and care. I understand that ALL IN Entertainment recommends taking notice of posted street signs. Printers Alley Lofts or Owner is not responsible for any fines or citations received for illegal parking. I understand it is my responsibility to call ahead if I have special concerns of weather and road conditions. ALL IN Entertainment and the Owners will not be held responsible for any accidents you may occur. No refund will be made for inclement weather. I am aware that if I depart early or shorten my rental days, NO REFUND will be given. I understand that it is expressly understood and agreed that this is a short-term vacation rental and is not a lease or other long-term residential tenancy agreement. I understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur and the rental property becomes unavailable or uninhabitable, Printers Alley Lofts reserves the right to move a guest to a comparable location accommodating the same number of persons and within the same price range. ALL IN Entertainment cannot guarantee availability or comparability of other properties. Owner and ALL IN Entertainment are not liable for any acts of nature or major mechanical failure that would prohibit or limit the use of a property. This Agreement is only for the use of the Property for the stated Term. It creates no property rights in you, the Guest, and no rights to renewal or for recurring usage. I understand ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Macphereson Ventures Inc and the Owners has a strict No Smoking inside the loft and No Pets Policy (without owner consent to pets) and any violation of this policy will result in forfeiting my deposit, and any further damage or cleaning expenses will be billed to me. I understand FIRES are not to be built outside the loft and surrounding area. I understand that NO FIREWORKS ARE ALLOWED at the loft and surrounding area. I am aware illegal drugs and/ or underage drinking are absolutely prohibited and if found evident Renter and/or Guest are subject to being evicted. ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Macphereson Ventures Inc and the Owners will not be held responsible for injuries or damages related to this matter. I will Operate all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and other appliances in a reasonable, safe manner. I will Conduct myself, my guests in a manner which will not disturb others. I am aware that I cannot rearrange furniture, move TV’s, DVD/VCR Players, Stereos or any fixture of this nature out of the designated area that these items have been originally placed due to the possible breakage and damage. I understand that ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Macphereson Ventures Inc cannot guarantee the condition of televisions, DVD players, stereos, appliances or other equipment. NO REFUND or RATE ADJUSTMENT will be made for mechanical failure of any kind. I understand I am paying a cleaning fee (included in rental fee), but this does Not mean ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Macphereson Ventures Inc and the Owners are allowing me to leave the loft or building in unsanitary conditions. Any additional cleaning will be billed to me. I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for the safety of ourselves, our guests, and our children particularly with respect to stairs, decks, open window areas, elevators, wildlife encounters. I acknowledge and agree to hold Owner harmless from any injuries to myself, my guests or my children. It is understood that no owner or employee is on sight and personal safety is his or her sole responsibility. I understand that the Owners/ ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Macphereson Ventures Inc cannot be responsible for the noise caused by noisy neighbors that may be near or next to your vacation rental. Unforeseeable problems such as noisy neighbors rarely, but sometimes can occur. While this is not currently an issue for our property, it can happen at any time. This matter is beyond our control and we cannot give refunds or do relocations if this situation occurs. I understand that neither Owner nor Agent shall be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with Guest(s) occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of Nature, acts of governmental agencies, fire, strikes, war, or inclement weather such as Tornados, Hurricanes and Storms. NO REBATE OR REFUND will be offered in these circumstances. I understand that as Nashville grows, Printers Alley Lofts cannot predict when or where new construction will begin. New construction may be adjacent to in neighboring buildings or across the street from ALL IN Properties locations. You may reserve a property at a time when no construction is nearby, but construction could begin prior to your arrival. We regret any inconvenience but cannot control these situations. Refunds or relocations cannot be considered if construction occurs near the property being occupied for rental purposes. I agree to lock doors/windows and have blinds drawn upon departure. I must remove all traces of food from the premises and dispose in outside garbage when departing from my rental. I also agree to keep the loft locked when I am absent from property and when checking out. I understand that there is no Trespassing on any neighboring property at any time. This means no trespassing onto floors of the building other than the floor of your rented vacation rental Loft or the main entrance lobby. All other areas are off-limits and are NOT to be used for any reason, under any circumstance. No exceptions. I understand that the property owner will not be responsible for any damages to your belongings due to malfunctioning appliances or equipment on the rental premises. If you find any items broken or in a state of disrepair, please report those to us immediately so we can have them repaired as soon as possible. There is no guarantee the condition of appliances or other equipment. Refunds of any rental fees or rate adjustments are not possible as a result of mechanical failure of any kind i.e. dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, clothes washers or dryers, televisions, VCR or DVD players, hot tubs or similar appliances. Refunds are not possible for disruption of utilities such as electric power, water service, or cable television or computer services. You will be charged for any unnecessary maintenance calls you arrange for on your own without our prior permission. I, the TENANT fully understand that my guests (invited or uninvited) are my responsibility. TENANT agrees that the TENANT shall consider any violation of this agreement by TENANT’S guests a violation. TENANT agrees to accept responsibility for all such violations, as though such violation were that of the TENANT. The TENANT will be liable for any and all damage caused by any guests or occupants. OWNER may exclude guests or others who have been violating the law, violating this lease, or any rules, or disturbing other residents, neighbors, visitors, or owner representatives.

TENANT is responsible for their guest’s behavior. Should the TENANT and/or TENANTS GUESTS cause any disorder, boisterous conduct, improper noise, or interference with the rights of other Tenants, and

OWNER/PROPERTY MANAGER shall have the right, at its option, to terminate the reservation.

ERRORS, OMISSIONS and CHANGES: Every effort is made by ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Macphereson Ventures Inc to insure that all information is as accurate and complete as possible but is not guaranteed on every printed information and website that we maintain, including HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb etc. There is not a guarantee of the presence of particular listed furnishings because they may change from time to time. ALL IN ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Macphereson Ventures Inc is not responsible for any inadvertent errors or omissions or for recent changes by the owner to their property. Policies, descriptions, conditions, rates and amenities listed are subject to change without notice. I understand that myself and all other occupants will be required to vacate the premises and forfeit the rental fee and security deposit for any of the following: A.) Using the premises for any illegal activity including, but not limited to, the possession, serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages by or to persons less than 25 years of age. C.) Causing damage to the premises rented or to any of the neighboring properties.D.) Any other acts which interferes with neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment of their property.